How do I make sure my server is safe from griefers?

Losing your server is never fun! Many servers stop working after they have been griefed, this is of course not nice for the players and the owner of the server.
Therefore we give several tips to secure your server against griefers and hackers.


  1. Set 2FA-Authenticator on your panel account.
    (You can do this in the Account Settings)

    2. Make sure your server is automatically back-up every 24 hours. You can set this up very easily via our panel.
        (Below is a short explanation of how you do this)

    3. Use the CoreProtect plugin. This plugin records everything that happens. So if someone chops a block
        block, this plugin registers it and you can see who did it.

    Automatische backup set-up
    1. To set this up, you will need to set up a schedule. This is a function that allows the server to
        automatically executes commands at the desired times.

    2. Click on Create Schedule and give the Schedule a name. (For example: Automatic Backup)
    3. Now set the time when it should automatically make a backup.

        4. With the settings shown, the server will make a backup at 00:00 every day.
        5. Now press the created schedule to start setting up the automatic backup.
        6. Then click on new task to create a new task.
        7. Then copy the data on the image below to set up the automatic backup.
        8. Click on create task. And from now on the server will make backups automatically.


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